Becoming Lucy

How did I get the nickname Lucy? Well, Let me start by asking you a question:

Do you ever have great ideas? I mean, like really great ideas that you know are going to change your life? 

I do. At least once a week. 

Sometimes I'll be -
           driving in the car...
                     or taking a shower...
                          or running (okay, power walking) on the treadmill...

And then it hits me:

THIS is it! THIS could be the idea that changes everything! 

But there's a problem. The pure genius of my ideas is often lost on those around me. Okay, so my ideas may not change the world - I'm certainly not curing cancer or ending world hunger - but the point is each idea can change my world! 

Let me give you a rundown of a conversation Ricky and I have almost weekly:

Me: "Okay, so I have an idea..."

Ricky (while shaking his head): "Ohhhhh Lucy, what is it this time?"

Me: "Now hear me out before you say anything. This is a really good idea, but you can't talk until I finish. You have to hear ALL the details to really understand."

**This is where I explain my latest brilliant idea. Examples from the past include couponing, medical transcription school, shopping consignment, and The Master Cleanse. I assure you there are many others as well.

Ricky: "What's this going to cost?"

Me: "Don't worry, it will be really cheap this time!"

Now, if you've ever seen an episode of I Love Lucy (and if you haven't, who are you?!) then you know that Lucy often comes up with crazy schemes that almost always turn out disastrous.... and hilarious!

Not long after we were married, the husband realized just how often I have really great ideas, and from that point forward whenever I propose a new idea he shakes his head and says, "Ohhhh, Lucy..."